Kumon Bandar Sunway’s First Completer!

14 10 2010

Here’s our tribute to Kumon Bandar Sunway’s FIRST Completer – Doogie Yong!

He had been studying with us for 7 years and performed consistently all during that time. He was always very quiet. But still waters run deep! Beneath his quiet exterior is a very talented young man, whose heart is as big as his dreams!

We wish Doogie all the best for as he takes the next step in his journey of life!


Kumon ASHR Ceremony 2010 – Celebrating Global Achievers

11 10 2010

Kumon’s event of the year finally commenced yesterday. The ASHR Ceremony is a yearly event that celebrates the best of Kumon Achievers. Held at the Putrajaya International Convention Centre, it was indeed a grand affair. This year’s events are record-breaking – with the highest number of Kumon Completers honoured, the most number of ceremonies held nationwide as well as a trend of young children achieving far above their school levels.

It is significant to note that Kumon worksheets are uniformly used throughout the world. Meaning a Kumon Student in Malaysia will be studying the same worksheets as those in Japan, Singapore, US or any of the other 40+ countries around the world. So when a child is a Kumon achiever, he/she stands among the best in the world!

12 students from Kumon Bandar Sunway were qualified to attend the Ceremony but only 9 were able to attend. 7 were Gold Medallists (studying at least 3 years ahead of school grade level), with ages ranging from 5 years old (studying Primary 2 math) to Primary 5 (studying Sec 5 math). Another 2 were Completers – Doogie Yong (Maths), who missed the chance for recognition when last year’s event was cancelled due to the H1N1 scare; and Ashley Lim (English), Malaysia’s youngest completer.

We were extremely proud when Ashley walked on stage to receive her Completer’s Plaque. She had been a Kumon Student for only 5 years and had completed college level English literature studies. no one pressured her to do this. She was driven by her own determination to smash the Kumon record and become the youngest Kumon Completer, even when I myself doubted she could do it!

The Kumon English Programme’s highest levels require students to critique classics from a wide range of genre such as tragedy (e.g.Hamlet), irony (e.g.King Oedipus), SciFi (e.g.Brave New World), Comedy (e.g.A Midsummer Night’s Dream), Espionage (e.g.Dr N…o), Fantasy (e.g.The Hobbit), Drama (e.g.To Kill A Mockingbird), Poetry (e.g.TS Eliot), Satire (e.g.The Loved one) and many more.

The fact that Ashley was able to analyse complex literary forms such as Symbolism and Poetry, as well as
understand novels with difficult themes such as adultery, revenge, racism, midlife crisis, etc makes her achievement so amazing! All of us at Kumon Bandar Sunway are so inspired by her example and are determined to support parents in nurturing more of such high achieving students!

We hope that all our students will also be inspired by this young lady’s never-say-quit spirit and go-get-it attitude to grasp their dreams as well.

Below is my video tribute to Ashley. More photos of the ASHR ceremony will be uploaded soon!

*(I try to make a tribute video for all my Kumon Completers. Something from my heart…instead of just buying a gift.)

Kumon ASHR – from a Completer’s perspective

10 12 2008

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I am glad that… I am back.


People were curious and asked, “Won’t you be tired of travelling?” Yes, I need to admit that flying from Singapore back to Penang for two continuous weekends was really not easy.


12th Oct 2008… For first ever Penang G-Club Camp.


19th Oct 2008… For Northern ASHR.


Yet, after seeing the smiling faces on G-Club students at the end of the one-day camp, my weariness wiped off. After some sharing of experience with parents at KMCC booth of ASHR, I could see the relieve on their faces and the confidence in their eyes, that encouraging their children to continue with Kumon programmes is truly a right choice. I was glad, in fact, so glad to see all these happenings.


Spending a Sunday afternoon to talk with the parents and students was really worthwhile. It makes me understand how important parental support is, which is almost equally important to the student’s own determination. Witnessing fellow dear juniors receiving their medals on the stage, they really looked like stars of the day. The medals, the applause, the memorable photos, had compiled a sense of assurance on their achievement.


Of course, it was also an excited moment to see the birth of 16 northern region completers. I really hope that through receiving plaques and participating in the globe relay event, they enjoyed the sense of pride and accomplishment for becoming a completer. Most of them were so looking forward to participating in KMCC activities. And we are ready, to welcome all the newbies into KMCC family!


Every year, the day of ASHR would be written into my life history.


In ASHR 2005, first time for me to receive the gold medal in Mathematics.


In ASHR 2006, I have taken part in the parent-student forum. It was also the year which marked my new Kumon journey as a completer with the historical moment of receiving Math completer’s plaque.


In ASHR 2007, first opportunity for me to interact with the crowd, promoting KMCC to the parents and students.


In ASHR 2008, I have participated in the globe relay event and even given a President speech.


In ASHR 2009 and many years to come, I wonder what’s next?


For every now and then, I would have no regret to say that: I am glad that I am back, for ASHR.


Composed by,

Tham Chie Kuan

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