Kumon Bandar Sunway’s First Completer!

14 10 2010

Here’s our tribute to Kumon Bandar Sunway’s FIRST Completer – Doogie Yong!

He had been studying with us for 7 years and performed consistently all during that time. He was always very quiet. But still waters run deep! Beneath his quiet exterior is a very talented young man, whose heart is as big as his dreams!

We wish Doogie all the best for as he takes the next step in his journey of life!


Kumon ASHR Ceremony 2010 – Celebrating Global Achievers

11 10 2010

Kumon’s event of the year finally commenced yesterday. The ASHR Ceremony is a yearly event that celebrates the best of Kumon Achievers. Held at the Putrajaya International Convention Centre, it was indeed a grand affair. This year’s events are record-breaking – with the highest number of Kumon Completers honoured, the most number of ceremonies held nationwide as well as a trend of young children achieving far above their school levels.

It is significant to note that Kumon worksheets are uniformly used throughout the world. Meaning a Kumon Student in Malaysia will be studying the same worksheets as those in Japan, Singapore, US or any of the other 40+ countries around the world. So when a child is a Kumon achiever, he/she stands among the best in the world!

12 students from Kumon Bandar Sunway were qualified to attend the Ceremony but only 9 were able to attend. 7 were Gold Medallists (studying at least 3 years ahead of school grade level), with ages ranging from 5 years old (studying Primary 2 math) to Primary 5 (studying Sec 5 math). Another 2 were Completers – Doogie Yong (Maths), who missed the chance for recognition when last year’s event was cancelled due to the H1N1 scare; and Ashley Lim (English), Malaysia’s youngest completer.

We were extremely proud when Ashley walked on stage to receive her Completer’s Plaque. She had been a Kumon Student for only 5 years and had completed college level English literature studies. no one pressured her to do this. She was driven by her own determination to smash the Kumon record and become the youngest Kumon Completer, even when I myself doubted she could do it!

The Kumon English Programme’s highest levels require students to critique classics from a wide range of genre such as tragedy (e.g.Hamlet), irony (e.g.King Oedipus), SciFi (e.g.Brave New World), Comedy (e.g.A Midsummer Night’s Dream), Espionage (e.g.Dr N…o), Fantasy (e.g.The Hobbit), Drama (e.g.To Kill A Mockingbird), Poetry (e.g.TS Eliot), Satire (e.g.The Loved one) and many more.

The fact that Ashley was able to analyse complex literary forms such as Symbolism and Poetry, as well as
understand novels with difficult themes such as adultery, revenge, racism, midlife crisis, etc makes her achievement so amazing! All of us at Kumon Bandar Sunway are so inspired by her example and are determined to support parents in nurturing more of such high achieving students!

We hope that all our students will also be inspired by this young lady’s never-say-quit spirit and go-get-it attitude to grasp their dreams as well.

Below is my video tribute to Ashley. More photos of the ASHR ceremony will be uploaded soon!

*(I try to make a tribute video for all my Kumon Completers. Something from my heart…instead of just buying a gift.)

Kumon Free Trial Campaign

5 11 2008

ftc-nov-2008-bannerKumon’s Free Trial Campaign in back! From 17th to 30th November, you can have the full “Kumon experience” for free.

Parents will need to attend a Parent’s Orientation before enrolling their children. During the Orientation, children will be given a Diagnostic Test to determine their present level of ability. The Instructor will then explain the results of the test as well as the aims and objectives of Kumon.

For Kumon Bandar Sunway, our Parent Orientations will be held on 4.30pm on Sunday, 9th November and 4.30pm on Saturday 15th November. All are welcome to attend!

Please call us in advance to reserve a place if you intend to attend out Parent Orientations. Thank you!

Kumon ASHR Ceremony 2008

2 11 2008

This morning was one of the most important events of the year for Kumon. More than 600 Kumon high achievers (this number does not include their families, Kumon Instructors and Kumon staff!) converged at Berjaya Times Square for the Central Region Advanced Student’s Honour Roll ceremony. This ceremony recognises the Gold and Silver achievers (at least 3 years or 2 years ahead of school level, respectively).

More than a thousand people were in the hall! Many cancelled at the last minute or else there would have been many more people!

The ASHR ceremony has grown larger year by year. Last year, because it was not feasible anymore to accommodate all the Kumon Achievers in one ceremony, the ceremony was split into 4 parts – the Northern Region ceremony, Southern Region ceremony and Central Region ceremonies (morning and afternoon session). We can see that the number of high achievers are growing more and more.

Read the rest of this entry »

Introducing The “Elite Group” Of Kumon Instructors…

24 09 2008

The Elite Group are Kumon Instructors from 9 Centres who are working closely together with the objective to learn from each other and constantly improve ourselves.

The 9 centres involved are:

1. Kumon Bandar Sunway Centre (Myself)

2. Kumon Kelana Jaya Centre  (Ms Suganthi)

3. Kumon Kelana Square Centre (Ms Peggy Yau)

4. Kumon SS 2 Centre (Ms Mabel Goh)

5. Kumon Section 14 PJ Centre (Ms Teo)

6. Kumon Ara Damansara Centre (Ms Lim)

7. Kumon Aman Suria Centre (Ms Joanne Chok)

8. Kumon Damansara Perdana Centre (Ms Shireen Chan)

9. Kumon Kota Damansara Centre (Ms Vivien Liew)

We also share our resources to organise various events for students, parents and staff. The first event we organised was the “Flying higher With Kumon” Camp in May 2007. Read the rest of this entry »

Kumon Bandar Sunway Library – It’s Finally Open!

24 09 2008

After months of buying, labelling and cataloguing our books, we are finally open! Originally, we planned for it to open in January, but too many things happened and we could not launch it in time. After such a long delay. we are happy to announce that it is open for use.

At the moment, we have more than a hundred adult books and more than a hundred children’s books. A wide range of topics is covered – from classics, to fantasy, to science fiction, to biographies, to parenting resources, etc. We also have a small AV collection of family-oriented movies and audio tapes.We would love to expand this collection. So if you have any books that you would like to donate, we would appreciate it very much, thank you!

We are operating on a yearly membership basis. The funds collected are non-refundable and will be used to purchase more books and resources. If you just want to browse the books and not borrow, our library is open to you as well – free of charge.

This library is for you – please support us by using it! We would really like to see our library grow and memberships increase because our vision is to make it a community resource centre where people can come and satisfy their hunger for quality books.

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