Free Trial Campaign Is Back!

2 11 2010

Good news for everyone who’s wondering what Kumon is all about. This is your chance to experience Kumon up close for free! Please call for an appointment.

But hurry! Closing date for registration is 15 November 2010!


Kumon Bandar Sunway’s First Completer!

14 10 2010

Here’s our tribute to Kumon Bandar Sunway’s FIRST Completer – Doogie Yong!

He had been studying with us for 7 years and performed consistently all during that time. He was always very quiet. But still waters run deep! Beneath his quiet exterior is a very talented young man, whose heart is as big as his dreams!

We wish Doogie all the best for as he takes the next step in his journey of life!

Kumon ASHR – from a Completer’s perspective

10 12 2008

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I am glad that… I am back.


People were curious and asked, “Won’t you be tired of travelling?” Yes, I need to admit that flying from Singapore back to Penang for two continuous weekends was really not easy.


12th Oct 2008… For first ever Penang G-Club Camp.


19th Oct 2008… For Northern ASHR.


Yet, after seeing the smiling faces on G-Club students at the end of the one-day camp, my weariness wiped off. After some sharing of experience with parents at KMCC booth of ASHR, I could see the relieve on their faces and the confidence in their eyes, that encouraging their children to continue with Kumon programmes is truly a right choice. I was glad, in fact, so glad to see all these happenings.


Spending a Sunday afternoon to talk with the parents and students was really worthwhile. It makes me understand how important parental support is, which is almost equally important to the student’s own determination. Witnessing fellow dear juniors receiving their medals on the stage, they really looked like stars of the day. The medals, the applause, the memorable photos, had compiled a sense of assurance on their achievement.


Of course, it was also an excited moment to see the birth of 16 northern region completers. I really hope that through receiving plaques and participating in the globe relay event, they enjoyed the sense of pride and accomplishment for becoming a completer. Most of them were so looking forward to participating in KMCC activities. And we are ready, to welcome all the newbies into KMCC family!


Every year, the day of ASHR would be written into my life history.


In ASHR 2005, first time for me to receive the gold medal in Mathematics.


In ASHR 2006, I have taken part in the parent-student forum. It was also the year which marked my new Kumon journey as a completer with the historical moment of receiving Math completer’s plaque.


In ASHR 2007, first opportunity for me to interact with the crowd, promoting KMCC to the parents and students.


In ASHR 2008, I have participated in the globe relay event and even given a President speech.


In ASHR 2009 and many years to come, I wonder what’s next?


For every now and then, I would have no regret to say that: I am glad that I am back, for ASHR.


Composed by,

Tham Chie Kuan

Kumon Free Trial Campaign

5 11 2008

ftc-nov-2008-bannerKumon’s Free Trial Campaign in back! From 17th to 30th November, you can have the full “Kumon experience” for free.

Parents will need to attend a Parent’s Orientation before enrolling their children. During the Orientation, children will be given a Diagnostic Test to determine their present level of ability. The Instructor will then explain the results of the test as well as the aims and objectives of Kumon.

For Kumon Bandar Sunway, our Parent Orientations will be held on 4.30pm on Sunday, 9th November and 4.30pm on Saturday 15th November. All are welcome to attend!

Please call us in advance to reserve a place if you intend to attend out Parent Orientations. Thank you!

Kumon ASHR Ceremony 2008

2 11 2008

This morning was one of the most important events of the year for Kumon. More than 600 Kumon high achievers (this number does not include their families, Kumon Instructors and Kumon staff!) converged at Berjaya Times Square for the Central Region Advanced Student’s Honour Roll ceremony. This ceremony recognises the Gold and Silver achievers (at least 3 years or 2 years ahead of school level, respectively).

More than a thousand people were in the hall! Many cancelled at the last minute or else there would have been many more people!

The ASHR ceremony has grown larger year by year. Last year, because it was not feasible anymore to accommodate all the Kumon Achievers in one ceremony, the ceremony was split into 4 parts – the Northern Region ceremony, Southern Region ceremony and Central Region ceremonies (morning and afternoon session). We can see that the number of high achievers are growing more and more.

Read the rest of this entry »

Overview Of Kumon Worksheets

8 10 2008

The Kumon syllabus is based on international standards. However, Kumon does not follow any particular established syllabus as it develops its own. The Kumon syllabus is constantly reviewed and refined based on feedback from students and Instructors around the world, as well as its own research into child development. As such, the Kumon syllabus is very dynamic as it is developed to suit real-life experiences and trends.


When Mr Toru Kumon was looking for a way to help his son Takeshi with his Maths homework, he wanted a method that would help him learn independently. When he found that none existed that met his criteria, Mr Toru Kumon decided to create his own syllabus. He had a very clear picture of how his syllabus had to be designed in order to achieve his goal. Basically, it is structured in the following way: Read the rest of this entry »

Parents play the most important role in Kumon

27 09 2008

While Kumon provides the system, the syllabus and the expertise to nurture children, parents still play the most important role in a child’s development. Parents need to work closely with the Instructor so that we can always find the best way for your child to progress effectively in Kumon studies and develop strong Life Skills at the same time.

How can parents be involved in their children’s Kumon studies? Read the rest of this entry »

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